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Centre for Culture and Creative Activities of ASU organizes the work of the university artistic groups and leisure activities for students, professors and staff-members. It helps to strengthen cultural connections with other higher education establishments in Russia. Over 20% of full-time students perform in various artistic groups, including folk and pop dancing companies, instrumental and vocal groups, the club of creative activity planners, the drama club, etc. The KVN team of ASU (witty students' club) is a repeated prize-winner of regional competitions and has been recently admitted to the first KVN league. Adyghe and Russian folk orchestras and professional singing group "Oshten", the laureate of numerous festivals, function within the ASU College of Arts.

The Sport Club unites a considerable part of ASU students. The school of unarmed self-defence and judo, which is widely known both in Russia and beyond it, was founded on the basis of Physical Training and Judo Institute of ASU. Such judoists as Vladimir Nevzorov, the Olympic Games champion, Khazret Tletseri, the world champion, Arambii Yemizh, the bronze-prize winner of Moscow Olympiad, have considerably contributed to the glory of Russian sports. Universal recognition for their accomplishments has been received by Arambii Khapai, twice champion of the world in unarmed self-defence, Aristotel Spirov, silver-prize winner of European unarmed self-defense contest and the winner of the Tenth World Youth and Student Festival, Murat Hassanov, thrice champion of the world and the champion of Russia in unarmed self-defence, and other alumni of Physical Training and Judo Institute of ASU, which is headed by Professor Ya. Koblev, Honored Coach of Russia, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Education. The ASU judo team, composed of international class masters of sports, is the champion of Russia among higher education establishments. The female handball team "Adyif", coached by S. Dzhanchatov, Honored Coach of Adygheya, has become the bronze-prize winner of Super League Championship of Russia; it also participated in the European Club Championship of Europe.

The chess team of ASU, consisting of grand masters, masters and candidate masters of sports, has won recognition inside and outside Adygheya. It participated twice in the Cup of Russia championship as a major league member.