The working meeting of participants of the project Bachelor Degree Educational Program in a Direction Social work has begun on the 16th of March. The program of a 2-day meeting consists of the module 16 the Integrating module (the Microsocial environment), the module 17 Social management and the module 19 Final qualifying work.details
On the 4th of February in Adyghe State University took place VII International Scientific conference of young scientists SCIENCE. EDUCATION. YOUTH devoted to the universitys 70th anniversary.details
Are summed up the open competitions declared within the limits of the federal target program Scientific and scientific and pedagogical shots. The purpose of these competitions revealing and support of talented young researchers, assistance to professional growth of scientific youth, encouragement of creative activity of young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, other establishments, the organizations of Russia and students of higher educational institutions of Russia in carrying out of scientific researches.details
The Adyghe State University opens its doors for freshmen. More than two new entrants can be considered as students because they have already received the main document the student's card.details
Every third Sunday of February is the Day of the Young Voter. The Central Election Commission of Russian Federation began to celebrate this day two years ago. This year the Adyghe State University has organized series of events. Goals set to improve the legal culture of young people and attract their attention to the election.details
The All-Russian scientific conference traditionally holds in connection with any significant event. This time conference Science. Education. Youth has been dedicated not only to the Day of Russian Science - February 8, but with the opening of Youth Year in Russia.details
In January 2009 launched the annual All-Russian contest copyright youth projects aimed at socio-economic development of municipalities named My country - my Russia. In competition can take part young people aged 18 to 25 years. Participation gives students the opportunity to contribute to the development of their town, village, region and meet with potential employers and lay the foundation for his or her future career.details

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70 Year Anniversary of Adyghe State University

Adyghe State University is a leading academic and scientific centre of the Republic of Adygheya. The history of ASU comes back to 1940, when the Teachers Training Institute was established in Maikop. The 2010 year will witness the 70th anniversary of ASU.

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Adyghe Republic is a multi-cultural community that welcomes people of all races and religions. It is also a safe place in which to live and study. Russian educational system has developed over many thousands of years to achieve its world-wide reputation for its high quality. International students play an important role in the towns and cities where they choose to live and study.


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S.A. Razdolskiy
Convent Cloisters of South Russia: Role in the Religious and Cultural Development of the Region in the 19th-early 20th Century(rus)


H.M. Andrukhaev
"Collection of Exercises on Probability Theory"(rus). The collection is set for students of Physics and Mathematics departments of teacher-training colleges.